About us

The firm Kaptan Food was founded by passionate people, who sincerely devoted to their work together with hard-working crew having many years of experience in kebab and food industry. We are company taking a huge luggage of experience on the world market.

The main point, characterizing the activity of our company, is a high quality products we pay attention for and sell. An important indicator for us, first of all to meet our client's needs, expectations and requirements. Our business puts a strong emphasize on clients activity and fast order specialization. The offer, excellent prepared by us, born from a desire to satisfy all your demands, that's why we put customer on the first place.
We have an extensive range of necessary products, such as fast food and restaurant food. Here are both types of products- fresh and frozen: fries, doner kebab, sauces, yogurt, ayran, spices, tortilla, pita also unique Turkish bread and many other products.

The offer include a wide variety of kebab meat.We offer chicken kebab, beef kebab, minced kebab and also sliced and grilled kebab in packages.

Besides distributing food products we can offer you professional equipment.
Our experience, highly appreciated by our customers, allows to take leading position and sale our products for restaurant industry throughout Poland.

We invite you to see our rich assortment.